We're planning to list on this page the dances called at the workshops.  This will take a while, so be patient!  I'm starting with mine because I have the information available, and I have contacted the other callers who have led these workshops.  Colin Hume.

22 Jan 2017: Robert Moir
12 Feb 2017: Colin Hume
Red‑HouseLongways dupleDouglas & Helen KennedyCountry Dance Book New Series, 1929
The Pride of Newcastle3 Couples circlePat Shaw1963
Lull Me Beyond Thee4 Couples longwaysCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Four Winds3 Couples longwaysPat Shaw1972
Dick's MaggotLongways dupleColin HumePlayford with a Difference Vol. 1, 1995
K & EDouble longwaysPat ShawAmong the Pines, 1983
The Phoenix4 Couples longwaysCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Monica's Delight2 Couples longwaysPat Shaw1931
King of PolandLongways dupleCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
9 Apr 2017: Robert Moir
4 Jun 2017: Madeleine Smith
16 Jul 2017: Sue Horsham
3 Sep 2017: Victoria Yeomans
5 Nov 2017: Robert Moir
3 Dec 2017: Carol Hewson
Auretti's Dutch SkipperLongways duplePat ShawThe Playford Ball
Room for RamblersLongways dupleChip HendricksonRoad to Ruin
Bloomsbury Market3 Couples longwaysAndrew ShawFarnicle Huggy
St. Martin's LaneLongways tripleChristine HelwigPurcell's  Dancing Master
The Goose and Gridiron3 Couples longwaysTom CookCome Let's Be Merry
A Health to all Honest MenLongways dupleBob DennardChoice Morsels
Paston's Maggot3 Couples longwaysAndrew ShawMr. Kynaston's Favourite Dance
Mr. Beveridge's MaggotLongways duplePat ShawThe Playford Ball
Lovely NancyLongways dupleNic BroadbridgeSimple Pleasures
Excuse MeLongways duplePhilippe CallensBelgian Boutardes
A Trip to Orpington3 Couples longwaysPat ShawKentish Hops
Miss de Jersey's MemorialLongways duplePat ShawPat Shaw Book 2
Donnie's Farewell to London3 Couples longwaysPat ShawPat Shaw Book 1
Mr. Isaac's MaggotLongways dupleCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
The Female SaylorLongways duplePat ShawThe Playford Ball
Peace Be With YouLongways dupleFried de Metz HermanChoice Morsels
28 Jan 2018: Colin Hume
AlterationsLongways dupleKathryn & David WrightWright's Humours
Fain I WouldSquareColin HumeColin's website
The Hitchin Diamond4 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
The Beau's Retreat3 couples longwaysBernard BentleyFallibroome 2, 1965
Mr Beveridge's MaggotLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Up with AilyLongways dupleCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Ruth3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
Well‑HallLongways dupleKeller & ShimerThe Playford Ball
A Trip o'er Tweed3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
The Phoenix4 couples longwaysCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
ElizabethLongways dupleColin HumeDWAD4, 1996
18 Feb 2018: Graham Christian
25 Mar 2018: Madeleine Smith
20 May 2018: Carol Hewson
Six for the Six Proud WalkersLongways dupleFried de Metz HermanEase and Elegance
The Great HallLongways dupleCharles BoltonWhat's New
Birds of a Feather3 couples longwaysFried de Metz HermanSerendipity
Tall TreesLongways dupleFried de Metz HermanThe Naked Truth
The Happy Couple3 couples longwaysAndrew ShawElephant Stairs
Spring WeddingLongways dupleCharles BoltonPeople and Places
Church in the HighlandsSquareFried de Metz HermanEase and Elegance
The Saturday Triad3 couples longwaysFried de Metz HermanSerendipity
A Southerly BreezeLongways dupleCharles BoltonRound Robin
Bottoms Up3 couples longwaysFried de Metz HermanThe Naked Truth
Sparkling EyesLongways dupleFried de Metz HermanThe Naked Truth
The Happy ConclusionLongways dupleAndrew ShawElephant Stairs
24 Jun 18: Megan Wilson
8 Jul 18: Colin Hume and Louise Siddons
From AberdeenLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Chelsea ReachSquareMainly Cecil SharpColin's website
Chamberlain Election3 couples longwaysMainly Tom CookColin's website
The Morland Waltz5 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
12 Aug 18: Sue Horsham
2 Sep 18: Victoria Yeomans
30 Sep 18: Robert Moir
4 Nov 18: Colin Hume and Emma Wooders
Humours of the Age3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
The Valentine's Day MassacreCircleColin HumeDWAD3, 1990
Up with AilyLongways dupleCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Mr Felton's RetirementSquareColin HumeColin's website
Swedish MasqueradeCoupleTraditional Danish 
2 Dec 18: Andrew Swaine
27 Jan 19: Sue Horsham
17 Feb 19: Colin Hume
Maxwell's Rant4 couples longwaysRutherford 1752Colin's website
Step Stately5 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
Mad MollLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Song to the Moon3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
CalliopeLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders4 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
Whirligig3 couples longwaysCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Saint CatherineLongways duplePhilippe CallensAntwerp Antics
24 Mar 19: Andrew Shaw
19 May 19: Madeleine Smith
16 Jun 19: Robert Moir
14 Jul 19: Rhodri Davies
11 Aug 19: Colin Hume
Devonshire HouseLongways dupleColin Hume 
Mage on a CreeSquarePat ShawAnother look at Playford
Jack Pudding3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
Bright and Beautiful5 couples longwaysColin HumeNew Dances for Old
Lady DayLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Tango in TorontoLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
Hunsdon HouseSquareColin HumeColin's website
Falconer Hall4 couples longwaysPeter McBrydeSCD Archives
King of PolandLongways dupleCecil SharpCountry Dance Book
Close Harmony3 couples longwaysColin HumeColin's website
Lilli BurleroLongways dupleColin HumeColin's website
1 Sep 19: Victoria Yeomans
Beautious Grove3 couples longwaysAndrew ShawElephant Stairs
Love's Triumph3 couples longwaysPhilippe CallensAntwerp Antics
Apley House Revisited4 couples longwaysVictoria YeomansNot Quite the Two of Us
Gambols4 couples longwaysJenna SimpsonUnder the Influence
Pinewood AvenueSquareHilary HerbertHilary's Humours Volume 3
Enfield CommonLongways duplePhilippe CallensContinental Capers
Huntingdon's MaggotLongways dupleBernard BentleyFallibroome 4
The Dancing DutchLongways duplePat ShawPat Shaw Collection
Spring AllegroLongways dupleGary RoodmanEven Odder Calculated Figures
St John's Meeting HouseLongways dupleAndrew ShawNearer and Farther
The BrickmakersLongways dupleKen SheffieldFrom Two Barns Volume 6