Chairperson: Judith De Witt

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Introduced to English Country Dancing by Vic and Brenda Godrich, she began dancing at Thursday Beginners and has subsequently sought to make up for lost time by dancing from Staffordshire to Cambridgeshire and from Devon to Sussex.  She served as Membership Secretary of the FCSH from 2014 and was elected Chairperson in 2016.  When not engaged with ECD, she listens to early vocal music and opera and enjoys doing things with granddaughter Ada.

Treasurer: Jeremy Monson

Jeremy is a second-generation Morris and Playford dancer.

He plays for the morris and is the music part of Let's Dance, which over the years has figured in activities in Cecil Sharp House for the younger dancer, and in the early days of the Family Barn Dances.

His historical researches into folk traditions inform his healthy respect for innovation and good sense when having fun with music and dance.

Secretary: Jen Gibson

My folk dancing life consists of three phases: A primary school event once a week for a few years; family ceilidhs in Scotland as part of our annual holiday for about 20 years; and finally and presently, learning to do it properly at Beginners Plus at Cecil Sharp House.  This is where the enthusiasm really took off and has led me a merry dance (truly!) to Halsway, Broadstairs, Stonesfield and all points Playford since 2007.  I became a co-opted committee member of FCSH in July 2016 and secretary in September 2016.

Other than dancing, I'm learning to play the piano, belong to a community choir and am routinely involved with three grandchildren.  Most importantly I share my life with an intrepid whippet lurcher called Floss.  We attend weekly agility sessions, where words like 'set' 'turn' and 'single' can mean something completely different!

Brenda Godrich